Business Case #5

Header Bidding Integration issue

Things can easily go wrong during an update, but continuously monitoring your ad stack can avoid you considerable revenue losses caused by an integration issue. Check this case to see how.

Daily incremental revenue
Yearly incremental revenue


In a Prebid HB setup, IX, one of our publisher’s bidders had a very low bid rate on the infinite scroll format. 

When checking IX’s reporting, our customer notices that its revenues are very low in comparison with the other bidders in his ad stack. 

He concludes that IX is not the best match for his inventory and that he should consider disconnecting it.

How did we spot it ?

When checking IX’s bid rate, we found out that it had a very good bid rate (≅50%), except for the infinite scroll MPU which had a very low bid rate in comparison (≅3%).

Which is a very odd behaviour, given the fact that IX has considerable demand for a part of the inventory and almost none for another part. We have two very different behaviours for the same audience, same website, same inventory but not the same ad slots.

Now that we have isolated the root cause of the problem with Pubstack, we know that this comes from an integration-related issue and is not due to IX’s performance.


After investigating with the publisher, it turned out that there was a problem with the prebid version that needed to be updated.

Uplift – Let’s do the math!

After the fix, IX went from an average of 200€/day to 1500€/day.

And thanks to  Pubstack, we know that IX has an incremental value of 40%. 

⇒Daily incremental revenue: 1200×0.4= 480€

⇒Yearly incremental revenue: 480×365 ⇒ 175.000€ 

Thanks to Pubstack, this publisher gained an additional 175K€ of revenues among several other optimizations that wouldn’t have been possible without Pubstack’s granular analytics.

And this just one optimization out of several others Pubstack allows you to achieve.

Daily incremental revenue
Yearly incremental revenue

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